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Quote Request

Get detailed information and price from our expert staff that suits.

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Majlis Sofa 3d design

Getting the right price

In order to give you the right price, we will need some information:

  •  The dimensions of your entire room or just the sofa/ground floor seating.
  • Choose model you prefer.
  • Choose the style, such as sofa or ground floor seating.
  • Name, contact information and  your full address with zipcode for shipping costs

After receiving this information, our sales representative will response soon as possible.

On the bottom of this page you'll find the Quote Request form.

Choosing the shape

You can choose between the following shapes:

One piece

Example: 550cm

Şark Köşesi Tek Parça

L Shape

Example: 410x400cm

Şark Köşesi L Şeklinde

U Shape

Example: 410x400x410cm

Şark Köşesi U Şeklinde

Special Shape

Example: 300x750x750x300cm

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Choosing your model:

Choosing your style:

Quote Request Form:

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