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Crafted and handmade Majlis

At Şahzade Sedir, not only do we care for good quality Şark Köşesi – Majlis, we also make sure of an excellent service. With our many years of experience, we accompany you to unique and thus personalised furniture in Middle Eastern Style, which is assembled by hand. All furniture is tailor-made and designed in line with your wishes. We supply our products both nationally and internationally and have already provided many satisfied customers with our furniture.

Traditional Middle Eastern Style

Şark köşesi

Would you like to receive your guests or customers in a traditional Middle Eastern setting? Şahzade Sedir is the specialist in terms of Şark Köşesi – Majlis. As all furniture is handmade and tailor-made, you can always rely on furniture that matches with your interior or space. Ordering Şark Köşesi – Majlis via Şahzade Sedir is always very personal: You provide us with the dimensions and/or share a photo of the room you want to have refurnished and secondly, you provide us with the dimensions of the Şark Köşesi – Majlis. You then give us the design(s) that appeals most to you as well as any special wishes you may have.

Our interior designer will process your data and will use modern techniques to create a 3D drawing of the room with our Şark Köşesi – Majlis, so that you have a clear idea of what to expect in terms of furnishing. Without any obligations, we will then prepare a quotation. This way, you are sure that the price we offer you will always be the right one! Furthermore, you will never be confronted with unpleasant surprises and – like many customers before you – you will get the design that is entirely handmade in line with your wishes.


Customer satisfaction

Şark köşesi  

Şahzade Sedir is committed to deliver the highest customer satisfaction. Only when you are satisfied with our Şark Köşesi – Majlis, we are too. Have you seen furniture that appeals to you or would you like more information about our Şark Köşesi – Majlıs? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the various options. Our sales specialists will be happy to assist you.

You will be able to reach us on the telephone numbers mentioned below:

The Netherlands: +31 485 351 961

Belgium: +32 486 147 484

Germany: +49 151 543 807 15

Turkey: +90 546 737 27 24

Transport and assembly

Şahzade Sedir transports furniture all over Europe and Turkey. As a specialised supplier of Şark Köşesi – Majlis, we transport the furniture to your home, building, restaurant or shop. If desired, our employees could also assemble the furniture. We literary surpass borders to satisfy your needs, with satisfied clients in Europe, Turkey and Middle East



Please find below some patterns of the Şark Köşesi – Majlis that we make and supply. The photos should be considered as inspiration and will give you a good impression of the various possibilities. By clicking on the photos, you will be able to view them in a larger format.

Please follow our Facebook and Instagram for more examples of our Şark Köşesi – Majlis.

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