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Craft and handmade, so always unique!

Şahzade Sedir is a specialised supplier of Şark Köşesi – Majlis. All our Middle Eastern furniture is made crafted. This is still done by hand in a traditional way, making each product unique.

Şahzade Sedir has a young staff, with employees who are specialised in project design. Our interior designer draws up a step-by-step plan based on your wishes and will make a high-end 3D drawing of your interior with Şark Köşesi – Majlis. This gives you a good idea of what to expect. The drawing is produced free of charge and serves as the base for the quotation. This way you are assured that the price we offer you, will always be the right one! Just like many customers before you, you can trust that the design is entirely in line with your wishes.

Respect for people and environment

Şahzade Sedir is committed to deliver the highest customer satisfaction. Only when you are satisfied with our Şark Köşesi – Majlis, we are too. That is why we monitor and select the right quality and sitting comfort before and during the production of the furniture. We have a broad experience in production and do our work with a lot of passion. Therefore, our customers are assured that we will provide them with furniture that suits their lifestyle. We respect people and the environment and are committed to a sustainable production. We do not only offer you the best quality, but you can also count on a fair-trade product.

We not only offer you the best quality, but also the best service!

It is a great pleasure for us to provide you with the best quality service.

Yalçın Koçak and Ali Kılıç
Şark Köşesi Nedir?
Şark Köşesi Hollanda

What is Şark Köşesi - Majlis?

Sark Köşesi – Majlis is considered as the decorative culture of the Middle Eastern region. Şark Köşesi – Majlis consists of local and natural motifs. Often, oriental angles are chosen, which correspond to the minimalist lifestyle that can be found in many Middle Eastern households, mosques and buildings. Traditional influences going back for centuries, Middle Eastern accents and an intimate feel will make for modern yet traditional designs, known as Şark Köşe – Majlis.

The decorations, reminiscent of the Middle Eastern culture of that time, have become very trendy and are processed by us in the Şark Köşesi – Majlis furniture. You may think of items such as sedir, divan, minder ve yastık, special carpets or rugs for the wall and various copper accessories. A growing number of spaces inside homes, workplaces and public facilities are being designed to bring the former Middle Eastern culture to life. With the help of Şark Köşesi – Majlis, these spaces are given an oriental design: warm, stylish, impressive and authentic.

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We are happy to offer you a look at our production.

Are you looking?

Şahzade Sedir is happy to give customers a look behind the scenes. All products are handcrafted according to traditional methods. We use the latest techniques and always use environment friendly materials. By working this way, you can rely on our furniture to perfectly match your uses, your purposes and of course your interior.

Would you like to receive more information or are you interested in a product? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. .

Our Mission


Quality is very important to us, without compromising our products and services.


We use the latest techniques and innovations to produce our products. We want to make a positive contribution to society and the environment.


Are you satisfied? We satisfied. We are happy to help you with our ideas. Personal service for a good price.

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