Şahzade Sedir has no borders!

Şahzade Sedir: specialised transport

Şahzade Sedir delivers furniture all over the World. As a specialised supplier of Şark Köşesi – Majlis, we transport the furniture to your home, building, restaurant or shop. If desired, our employees could also assemble the furniture.

We literary surpass borders to satisfy your needs, with satisfied clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Due to our strategic location in Europe, our employees regularly deliver in person, but we also work together with transporters selected by us (such as Yako Logistics), who will ensure that all furniture is delivered to you undamaged. We also pay a lot of attention to the packaging of our Şark Köşesi – Majlis. As a customer you only have to wait for delivery before you can use and enjoy our furniture.

Delivering World Wide

Şahzade Sedir delivers directly within the European Union and Turkey, but we also transport furniture through the whole world, such as United States, Canada and Middle Eastern Countries. Thanks to our many years of experience, customs clearance and declarations are considered a second nature for us. This means that we are able to completely unburden you, regardless of the country our furniture has to be transported to. As we believe firmly in satisfying our clients, you do not have to worry about customs clearance and other matters related to imports from.

Şark Köşesi

Extra Control

We ensure that your products arrive undamaged and that is why we pay extra attention to packaging.

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